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ViewFinity S80TB 4k UHD with built in Speaker 4K HDR issue

(Topic created: 10-31-2023 11:58 AM)
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Anyone know the more detailed spec chart for 27" ViewFinisty S80TB with built in Speaker?

I tried to connect my laptop with it

1) through HDMI: 4K UHD 60Hz and no HDR

2) through Thunderbolt 4: 4K UHD 30Hz and HDR

I want to make it as 4K UHD 60Hz and HDR, but can't figure out what would be the issue

or possible connection method for that setting.

Does any one know whether it is even possible or not?

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Monitors and Memory
I've attached the specs. Keep in mind to achieve resolution up to the max allotted you must have a graphics card that is able to Output the resolution HDR format and htzyou desire. In addition to that you must also have cables that are capable of transporting your formats. There are many cables that do not support HDR and do not support anything above 30 Hertz. Make sure that all of your cables are capable then you would need the graphics card once you have all that you would go into your output settings and adjust them to match the specs you desire and that are allowed by your monitor.Screenshot_20231031_115528_Chrome.jpgScreenshot_20231031_115554_Chrome.jpg