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"Dead" Pixels on SAMSUNG ODYSSEY G7 LC27G7xT

(Topic created: 09-03-2023 12:17 AM)
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Hello everyone! I recently bought the SAMSUNG ODYSSEY G7 LC27G7xT gaming monitor and have sadly realized that I have a big problem . There are certain moments either while gaming or while browsing that I get some dead pixels on my screen (photo below) . This thing happens from times to times and I have to turn my monitor off and on again for them to disappear. The thing is that it keeps me from playing some games like apex because it happens on many parts of the map. Also noticed that there was a certain area in Diablo IV that made it happen . I feel like it has something to do with extremely bright areas or something (??) . Also , I have the same issue weather playing on my PS5 (hdmi) or PC (display port) . I tweaked many  settings that I saw from other threads and tweaked many monitor settings but nothing seems to help . At first I thought that maybe its my graphics card but since it happens on PS5 as well , now I am sure that it's a monitor issue. its really sad because I love the quality of the screen , the colors and the resolution but this can be extremely annoying . I noticed when I played some VALORANT with friends that it happened EVERY time I approached the big box in the middle of bombsite A (I will provide a screenshot) . Please tell me that there is a way to solve this issue . Give me ideas , tell me if sth like that has happened to you as well...Thank you in advance372139428_626180866061117_1376198080066127055_n.jpgVALORANT-21_08_2020-17_10_00-1-1024x576.png

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Is the monitor still under warranty? Start a chat or call Samsung directly. They'd be able to actually provide assistance if the unit is defective.

Samsung support 1-800-726-7864

Samsung text support text START to the same number.