Samsung Health App Suggestions


Samsung Health App Suggestions

I would like to please suggest that the developers for Samsung Health App add the ability to enter water intake manually with ounces.  So many people use 24 oz tervis tumblers.  It would make water logging more accurate since it's not quite 3 glasses according to the app.


May I also please suggest the ability to scan barcodes from food packaging when logging meals and snacks?  This would be faster than text search if a DB was created for it.


Thank you for your time.


Re: Samsung Health App Suggestions

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I agree, you would think that would be obvious, especially if anyone there at Samsung using the app. I mean entering the food is a pain, but I'm doing it. I can't imagine entering all the nutrician data!

Seems like if you could add food from the weight management app, you would be able to enter your weight.

But I gotta say, this is nothing short of a miracle getting these phones to do so much, so quickly.

TIA, Phil