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Tv caught on fire!

(Topic created: 04-22-2024 09:19 AM)
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My 65 inch TV caught on fire while it was turned off and the whole screen completely fell off.......... My 3 year warranty is about to expire And customer service is acting like this is an everyday thing that's not a big deal! Has this happened to others???
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Community Manager
Projectors & Other TVs

Oh no! I hope everyone is okay! So that we may take a look into this further please fell free to either call in directly at

1 (800) 726-7864, or send any moderator a private message. Also, we will need the following information.
Place of purchase:
First and Last Name:
Physical Street Address:
City, State, and Zip Code:
Home phone number:
Alternate phone number:     
Email address: 
Model Number:
Serial Number:
Picture of the TV:(If you are on pc you can drag and drop the picture in the text box, or if you are on your phone you can copy and paste the picture from your gallery to the text box. or you can send it to the following email SamsungCommunity@sea.samsung.com with your transaction number: #168151541)#168151541)