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Mirroring Your Android To Your Roku-Connected TV

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Fellow Phone Users:

Now that Smart View is no longer supported by Samsung, many (me included) have asked how to mirror their Android to their TV with a Roku connection. Here is my experience.

I hope you can use these steps.  I own a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5g (puff, puff!).  The images shown are screen prints or photos from my Note 20.

1. Get the App.
  • Go to your App Store (Google Play Store, etc.). 
  • Download the SmartThings app (below). 
  • Then open the app. 
2.  Your SmartThings App
  • SmartThings app is open (below).
  • Touch the + (plus) symbol.
3. Connect your Roku to SmartThings.
  • Touch "Device," (below).
4.  Discovery
  • Assuming "By device type" is selected, note that "streaming video" devices are NOT listed (below). 
  • Touch "By Brand."


5. Further discovery and scan.

  • Note that "Roku" is NOT listed under "All Brands" (first image, below). 
  • Touch the "Scan Nearby" selection at the top of the window.
  • See second image, below.  Note that "Scan nearby" is scanning. 
  • NOTE: One assumes that your Roku device is connected to your TV, is working, and is also connected to the same network as your phone.



 6.  Scan complete:

  • Scanning is complete and my "Roku Ultra" is shown.
  • Select "Roku Ultra" to connect to SmartThings. 
  • NOTE: If you have other smart devices that are ALREADY connected, they may not be shown yet (wait for it...).


7.  list of "Directly connected devices:

  • Below is MY list of "Directly connected devices." 
  • YOUR list of "Directly connected devices" should be showing.
  • You may need to touch "Roku Ultra" (above) again to bring up the list (mine is below).


8.  SmartThings List from home.
  • See above.  Select the left arrow (above, upper left-hand corner), which will send you back to your SmartThings home page (first image below). 
  • (Below) Select "Directly connected devices >" to see the same list, formatted differently (second image below).
9.  Mirror to Roku:
  • Above is MY list of connected devices.  To mirror your phone to YOUR Roku, select the Roku you want to cast/mirror from your phone to it (note that I have two Rokus - different names).
  • See first image below.  Select "Mirror Screen (Smart View)."  (Disregard the "Camera event").
  • See second image below.  Then select "Start Now" (under "Start casting with SmartThings?").
10. On the TV (that is connected to this Roku), you see the "request to cast video" message. This shows up because I have selected "Prompt" under "Screen mirroring mode" in my Roku's "System > Screen mirroring" settings.  Select "Allow."
11.  In the future, all you need to do is open your "SmartThangs" 😄 App, go to "Directly connected devices," select the Roku to cast/mirror to, and enjoy.  I hope this helps!
12.  I am assuming that you have installed the current updates on both your Roku and your phone (hint, hint)...
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BTW, wireless Dex works between your device and a Roku TV also. Super simple, just enable Dex from the quick panel and select the TV. 

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LongHiker: Thank you for your reply. There are several ways to mirror/cast from your phone to your TV, as you indicated. The one I showed isn't the first I found. I was trying to show how I used Samsung's SmartThings to do so. Thanks again! 🙂