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The complete guide on Samsung Smart Switch

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If you are a big fan of latest Samsung Galaxy devices and looking for upgrading all data from the older device to the new, this is a must read note for you. We are covering up the complete guide on Samsung Smart Switch as the best data transferring tool specially designed to upgrade data to new Galaxy. So learn the complete tool updates and all three major methods the tool supports through.


About Samsung Smart Switch Download



In upgrading your device, the most important thing to consider is the tool you use to upgrade data. And here by Samsung Inc, we find the official tool Samsung Smart Switch for all free with the best techniques and features. Unlike other tools Smart switch has specially built up for Samsung Galaxy device compatibility. So if you are planning to upgrade your new Galaxy from the older Android, iPhone or any, there is no better option than this free data transferring utility. It is smart, faster and bringing you seamless experience.


What are the methods under Smart Switch?


Just as stated, smart Switch is coming in a very convenient work interface serving best to the user. So you will find supporting three easy ways under the program supporting to transfer data in different ways. They are as Smart Switch APK, connector method and the desktop version. So let us here take a look at all these three smart ways briefly in order.


Smart Switch APK


If you are planning to get data from the older Android to new Galaxy, the best option to take is Smart Switch APK which is bringing the best wireless experience to the user. So it easy as having the app on both the devices and continue with send and import respectively from the devices. It is very easy to handle and will make your data transferring just a deal of seconds.


Connector way for Samsung Smart Switch iPhone


If you are willing to transfer data from an iPhone to Galaxy, the first option I recommend is connector method. So follow the steps and get the transferring properly.


Step 1: Pick “USB” from the list of choices by getting into Smart Switch app from both iPhone and the Galaxy

Step 2: Then use the connector and make a proper connection between the devices

Step 3: Now select what data you need to have on the Galaxy from iPhone and continue to “Next” in order to receive on the Galaxy


Then wait and enjoy all data safely.


What is the iCloud restoring method?


While the connector method is something with the cable, some any dislike. So targeting iPhone to Galaxy data transferring, the alternative way comes as iCloud restoring. Take the correct steps.


Step 1: From Galaxy, choose the option “wireless” as the transferring option

Step 2: Continue to “Receive” and select “iOS” when the device list is given

Step 3: Now, provide Apple ID, Password respectively and sign into the iCloud. If it requires, confirm from the iPhone

Step 4: Select data and continue to “import” and take a few minutes wait


Smart Switch PC for stable data transferring


Sometimes there are some failures and downs with wireless processing. So as the most stable backup plan, Smart Switch is also coming in a PC supported version smart switch pc with support to Windows PC and Mac. And what you are doing here is setting up the PC with correct Smart Switch installer. So then you need to connect the older device and make a complete backup of data you need to have transferred. Finally, connect the new Galaxy and restore what you want. Although it takes more time than the APK, it always works more stable and with faster support.


Over to you

If you need to set up your new Samsung Galaxy by getting all data from the older, there is no better option than Samsung Smart Switch Download. So follow the latest tool version and get the turns up. 




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It worked well switching from my LG to Samsung

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