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Viewing recent used passwords

(Topic created: 04-06-2023 06:54 PM)
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How do you see your passwords that you may have used


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Good evening @userual, I hope you're doing well.

Are you referring to passwords that you've saved for specific apps or when you're using your search browser?

Assuming you're using the Google Chrome app as your default search browser: Open the app> tap on "settings"> then tap "password manager" there is where you can check every password you've made for sites visited in that app.

Or assuming you're using Samsung pass (this requires a Samsung account and for biometrics to be enabled)

Open the Samsung pass app> under "sign-in info" tap on "apps/websites" this app also manages what apps and sites you've created while signed into your Samsung account. Generally if you install a new app and sign into it Samsung pass will ask if you would like to save that info.

I hope this helps.