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Anyone having trouble with Nearby Share?

(Topic created: 08-17-2023 08:35 PM)
Hey Samsung Community,

I have 2 Samsung devices, Galaxy S21Ultra and Galaxy S8+, with 3 Google accounts connected to it - 2 of my personal, and 1 work. 

When I turn on Nearby Share, none of my devices are visible / can be found, even if I set them visible to everyone -- over time, they sometimes eventually pop up, and when I try to send something to them, the send fails and, at times, I get my device to show up on Nearby Share multiple times, as clones of each other. Sending to each one fails. The receiving device never even gets a notification. I just get a "Failed to Connect" type of error and that's it.

It only happens on Android, as my PC successfully receives everything and is constantly visible for sharing. In other words, I can use both the tablet and the phone to send things to the PC, but PC can't send anything to neither the tablet nor the phone, and the phone and the tablet can't communicate with each other at all.

I've tried clearing Google Play Services data, re-installing it, re-syncing my contacts, removing other accounts, clearing device cache, factory settings, nothing seems to help. Is this something that's a known problem with some devices? What can I do to troubleshoot?

The S8+ is fairly new -- just bought it last month and has the same problem as the phone. Also, QuickShare works wonderfully. I've never had Nearby Share work for me, so it's not something that broke over time -- I tried it for the first time last month.

Thank you!
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If I remember correctly, both devices must be on the same wi-fi network. And if one is connected via 2.4g and the other on 5g, they won't connect. Please check your Wi-Fi settings on the devices, and permissions of the wi-fi router. The firewall may be blocking the connection for security reasons.