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Text message app not allowing me to select images from internal storage?

(Topic created: 12-10-2021 08:38 AM)
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I upgraded from a J7 to an A32. The only option to attach a picture to a text is from the camera or taking one to add. Video allows me to select Google and Audio allows internal storage plus a host of cloud options.

Is this who the app works now or do I have an issue? I cleared data and the cache plus looked at Settings and cannot find an issue with the phone causing this.


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Cosmic Ray
A Series & Other Mobile
Wow i am learning a lot from user AMS... I have a j7 as well and I never saw the option in photos to send in a text. And my j7 is 2016 version..I have to have the picture or media or file of whatever on my device to send it anywhere. If it in photos that I took with my Motorola then I have to download the photo onto j7 thru photos then I can send. I do get the share icon in a lot of apps and it usually has something I can use on there to send
Some people dont like text attachments so they want an email or it sent thru what's app or telegram. Either way. I love my J7 even if it is only the goldilocks line of galaxy series. I have an S7 which I dont care for..too much money for too little in return... the g series had too little of everything and are too slow even though they are very affordable. But the j series. A happy medium between the cheap series and the take out a mortgage series. Just right..the goldilocks line..I have to go look at photos and see if the text option is there. It usually makes me share with users or copy a link and five it permissions..text would be so much easier