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ICYMI: Galaxy Note10 Camera Features

(Topic created: 08-20-2019 06:59 AM)
Cosmic Ray

It’s been a while since Unpacked 2019, and I hope some of you have had a chance to take a look at the new Galaxy Note10.


BATCH 2camera_features.jpg


Personally, I’m super excited about the camera on this device. Here are some of the features that are really speaking to me: 


  • Super Steady stabilization: Ever tried to walk and make a video? The Galaxy Note10 can take unintentional motion and hand-shaking out of your videos for good. 
  • S Pen Camera: Use S Pen Air Action to get that in-the-moment pic with just a click. 
  • Live Focus video: Make your videos extra artsy by adding some bokeh. 


These are my favorites so far, but I’m excited to keep playing and trying all the other features on this device. I want to see what you can create using these toolsShare in the comments!  


Here are more of the Galaxy Note10 highlights. And if you missed the Unpacked Recap, check it out here 


Keep creating!


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