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Anyone having issues with refund?

(Topic created: 04-02-2022 12:51 PM)
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Hi there,

I had an issue with Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, so I asked for refund. The representative asked me to send the product, and I did send the product last November. They acknowledged the receipt early December, but since then, the process has been delayed. The most challenging issue was the getting connected to the one in charge. I had some email communication, but they started to not respond any more. Last time, they said they will refund certain amount instead of full price. I guess it doesn't matter anymore. Whenever I spoke to the team (after 30-45min waiting time), they said they will escalate the issue, but I am not sure whether they're really looking into resolution. There were numerous occasion where they said they will have someone in charge contact me within next 24-48 hours then ended up not getting a call. When I asked for contact information, they would give me one. (basically saying that there isn't one) Anyone having or had similar experience? The refund process with other firms were quite simple, but I don't understand if this is normal for Samsung. It is really frustrating over the last five months, and I don't even remember how many calls and emails that I had to make.

If you have any tips to expedite the process, I would really appreciate.

Thank you, and have a great day!  

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Community Manager
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Hello, I am very sorry to hear of this. Unfortunately, when it comes to claims with our specialized team, only they can handle and resolve them, as we are not equipped to handle them. To get you to them, simply call 1-800-726-7864, provide your claim number to customer support, and ask to speak to the specialized team directly so they can transfer you. This method is typically the fastest. Thank you, and you'll be in good hands there!