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Move the Side Buttons from the left to the right

(Topic created: 03-19-2024 10:34 AM)
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Can u look at moving y'allz side buttons from the left side of the device rt on over to the right side of it pretty please?! Look, here's what's happening...every game I play off play store lately that's in Landscape mode is flipped ur primary flip direction which changes display & normally all flip moving the top of the device over to the left side so the side key buttons are usually underneath so once flipped, those buttons move from the side now to the bottom while holding it playing games in this orientation. 

When u play these games in Landscape with the buttons now located on the bottom of the phone vs the left side, u have tendency to hit these playing game apps more than I care to. And some developers have incl flipping the device & using it the other way but most do not include this in their app so ur usually stuck playing it with the buttons on bottom when they really need to be up top playing landscape ones otherwise ur hitting these buttons accidentally alot.
So basically I'll be playing some driving game like I just was & it's rather intense lets say or whatever but I'll press the lock key or volume accidentally & it'll screw up my game cuz many don't anticipate this coding em so it'll shut that session down or cause em to crash etc basically lose ur session. This has resulted sadly in some of my phone's in the past being damaged even in some rare cases which is the sac part honestly. 😉 But I vote we help the phones out by extended there life span a little improving their chances of meeting their demise much earlier than they probly shouldve.
But if u all gotta reason for em being there, then I guess forgettaboutit then & thank you for ur time l8tr ✌️
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@420bunny Not sure which device you are using but Samsung moved all the buttons to the right side many models (and years) ago.