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S10+ Secure Folder - backup and restore

(Topic created: 05-07-2019 01:29 PM)
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So I figured out that the Secure Folder seems to be backed up and restored separately from everything else on my S10+.


In the event that I need to Restore my S10 from Samsung Cloud...does the restore have to be done from a new instance of Secure Folder on the restored phone, or will it be restored automatically from doing a Restore from Settings > Accounts and backup > Samsung Cloud > Restore data?


It seems that the device back up does NOT include anything backed up from the Secure Folder. Just curious as the backup process was somewhat confusing. Thanks.

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Hey there!

Thank you so much for reaching out for assistance.

You would restore the Secure Folder files from the Secure folder.

You should continue to back up your Secure Folder files so in the event you do need to restore a back up. The data will be saved securely for you!

Hope this helps!


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