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Gallery Image - can't delete pic. Gray Icon with Exclamation Mark

(Topic created: 02-08-2024 05:43 AM)
Galaxy S23



Pics does not exist as a file. Neither in My files nor DCIM folder. When tapping at pic it says "processing" and 4 squares are rotating around - looks like it's trying to optimize picture. 

Already tried:

  1. forced stop gallery
  2. deleted cache on gallery / camera
  3. deleted data on galllery / camera 
  4. restarted phone
  5. optimized
  6. hooked up phone to computer
  7. manually deleted camera folder - after this, camera folder appeared again automatically and inside the folder i can find this gray icons with exclamation mark. 
  8. uinstalled updates on gallery
  9. resinstalled updates on gallery
  10. I never ever have had synced phone with any cloud services

Any ideas?  Resetting phone is not a valid option, please do not suggest this as a solution. 

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Galaxy S23

Did you ever get it to delete? Mine has started doing this with a photo I really need to delete for sensitive information reasons.