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Galaxy watch 4 suggestions

(Topic created: 11-01-2021 02:14 AM)
Galaxy Watch
Hey guys, just got a new galaxy watch 4 44mm and I love it but just a few ideas. 
On the larger options it would be nice if those were also made out of the premium option of stainless steel, or the option to have it. I like the active style a little bit better but I'm worried about how it will hold up even with a case on I guess, I work in a hospital in radiology🤪. I still try to be mindful of it but still I love my tech and want to keep it nice. 

I was wondering if you could add the option to just clear your messages from the watch but not delete them over your phone. It's kind of a pain to clean out my texts and calls from the watch but then I have to restore the ones I want to keep on the phone. 
Have it be an option to edit these on the phone wearable app and the watch but when you select delete you can have two check boxes for both or watch only. This would be a big help for me and maybe a few others. 

Could you also let us be able to have more color options for the complications on the my photo+ watchface. I love that we can use our own photo but I would love the options for some rainbow scheme and those bright neon colors like on the health dashboard one and your standard color wheel options. And the option to change where the clock is placed would be helpful too. 

Some more faces in general would be nice. The informative ones are great, some just need more options with them and just more styles on general. 
The health dashboard+ is great, love the bright colors, would love more of them lol but why can we only change the colors, I don't need the uv index and it would be nice to be able to change the complications. 

An animated detailed weather face would be a welcomed edition, be able to turn on/animations. The background could be a beautiful nature scene to showcase the current weather conditions that also correspond to the current season too. Beaches, lake scenes, mountains scenes and a calming mosaic desert. This could apply to the phone as well, have a corresponding widget for the phone if the person wants to add that as well when you own galaxy watches and a Samsung phone. 

Also please add an option to still get notifications for calls and be able to answer them but have it only go to the phone. When I'm on a hike I would like to be able to quickly change that I want calls to my phone through my ear buds but when I have my phone with me, I want it to answer on my phone but still get notified on my watch of the call. 

Also I notice that the wifi will not stay consistently connected in low LTE service areas like my home address, it kills the battery switching back and fourth constantly and didn't know if you guys might have a fix for that. 

Love the watch guys totally a fan after having one now. Please take these into consideration but as always have a super day samsung peoples 🤪😃 stay awesome!!
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Galaxy Watch
Yes, please let us change all system icon, type and background colors!
Galaxy Watch
They now have a weather watch face. It came in a recent update.