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Galaxy watch 5 pro sometimes sluggish

(Topic created: 04-10-2023 09:20 AM)
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Still new to the Galaxy watch 5 pro had it for a couple weeks I've noticed every now and then it seems like it lags when changing tiles or checking notifications already adjusted animation scale to .5 doesn't happen all the time but every now and then any thoughts or possible suggestions or is it just the way it is thanks community paired with a S22 Ultra
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Community Manager
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Thank you for reaching out. I can certainly understand your concern with your Galaxy watch 5 pro appearing sluggish and I would be happy to look into this further for you. If the watch screen is slow to respond, frozen, or not responding at all the issue could be caused by outdated software, a third party app, or even the watch's physical condition. Unclean hands, optional accessories, gloves, and sharp objects can also prevent the screen from responding properly. Give this link a try for troubleshooting steps to possibly resolve the symptoms you are experiencing: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/troubleshooting/TSG01003105/


If you have tried the troubleshooting steps provided and are still experiencing these symptoms, I would recommend a service repair. For in-warranty repairs: Please feel free to reach out to us directly via one of the following options and include a link to this thread.
1. Facebook Messenger: http://m.me/samsungsupport
2. Twitter: https://twitter.com/messages/compose?recipient_id=18768513
3. Or you can use the following link below to request service. https://www.samsung.com/us/support/service/
4. Private message: https://bit.ly/3fbRevo
5. Contact customer service directly at 1-800-726-7864


For out of warranty repairs, please give this link a try to set up service for your buds: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/service/locations/ or you can reach out to our customer service team directly at 1-800-726-7864.


For international devices, please reach out to a support team in your area for further assistance: https://www.samsung.com/us/common/visitlocationsite.html