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HW-Q950T Subwoofer static

(Topic created: 07-05-2021 08:48 AM)
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Greetings, I just got my new soundbar setup and I'm having trouble with the subwoofer unit.

From what I can tell from similar issues online, interference is a problem when it comes to WIFI, not sure why that would be, from what I can tell the units use Bluetooth to communicate ?

Anyways, as soon as I turn the system on and un-mute it (any sound level above 0) there is a constant static noise in the subwoofer, and I cant seem to get rid of it no matter what i try. (See video below)

It seems as though it looses connection and reconnects a lot as well.
The subwoofer unit only worked the first time I set it up, every time since then this is what happens as soon as the system turns on (All speakers and soundbar were connected to power during my testing)

Is it possible i just have a broken subwoofer ? The other wireless speakers work excellently with no static, noise or crackling sounds what so ever.

Edit: I should clarify that the subwoofer is actually working, as in  (when) its receiving it is outputting what its supposed to, in addition to the static... I can tune the volume up and down and the bass changes with the volume change, the static however does not.

So far i have tried the following:

  • Factory reset of the soundbar
  • Disabling my WIFI router
  • With and without eARC and as many variations of configuration settings as i can think of
  • Selecting various sound formats

Here is a link to an album with some videos:





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Can I have your full model code and serial number via private message?

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