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rear speaker issue for Q99b soundbar

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  1. The rear speaker sound is too low and not increasing. Anyone tried? We followed different methods suggested in the manual (which is not good that I have come across), YT videos but no luck. I did asked at our local BB but they are not able to demo it! Are there any sample audio file we can use for testing? 
  2. Any suggestion to buy a suitable rear speaker stand for Q990b soundbar? We tried to buy PERLESMITH Universal Speaker Stand from Walmart but returned as the cable does not fit and the speaker is not mounting properly.  The soundbar product web page displays they being mounted on a stand but not seen any spec or availability. Not sure on how Samsung web page showing in their picture without a power cable connection. The power cable connector is so weird, no stand on Amazon can accommodate it.

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If the sound from your rear speakers is too low, it can ruin movie night. The fact that your sound is low may be due to the settings you're using. There may also be a loose connection to correct. There is a couple of things we can try correct this issue.


Set the correct PL II mode.
Many types of media (such as CDs, DVDs, and TV broadcasts) are recorded or broadcast in stereo only, meaning they are designed to only play through the front speakers.

Your home theater has PL II Mode, which sets stereo sound to also play through the rear speakers.

When listening to CDs, press the PL II Mode button on the home theater's remote control until the home theater system's display reads MUSIC.
When listening to a TV broadcast that is in stereo, press the PL II Mode button until the home theater system's display reads MATRIX or PROLOGIC II.
When watching a DVD that doesn't have 5.1 surround sound, press the PL II Mode button until the home theater system's display reads CINEMA.
If a DVD has 5.1 surround sound, be sure to select the surround sound track from the DVD's main menu.
Use the right audio cables.
To get surround sound, you must use an optical or HDMI cable to connect the audio source to the home theater system. If the device you're getting audio from does not have an optical or HDMI output connection, you must use RCA audio cables instead.

If you use RCA audio cables to connect an audio source to the home theater system, you will only get stereo sound. By default this only uses the front speakers, but you can output stereo sound from both your front and rear speakers using PL II Mode (see the previous step).


Check your speaker connections.
Verify the ports you are using on the rear of the home theater match the speakers you are connecting.
Verify the speaker cable is connected securely into the speaker ports.
Verify the speaker cable is clipped to the metal and not the plastic coating.
If you're using a Samsung Wireless Audio device, confirm it is installed correctly.
Samsung Wireless Audio (SWA-1000 ~ SWA-4000) modules are optional accessories available for select Samsung home theaters that let you connect your rear speakers to the home theater system wirelessly. When using one of these accessories, you must make sure it is installed correctly. If your home theater system is compatible with one of the SWA accessories, your user manual will indicate which model and have a step-by-step connection and setup guide for the wireless device.


Change the Output Audio Setting
The setting you're looking for is Digital Output Audio Format. On our newest TVs, this can be found at Home > Settings > Sound > Expert Settings. (It can also be found in the Quick Settings.)

If your Digital Output Audio Format isn't set to PCM, like for instance if you have a Dolby option selected, then you will likely notice decreased maximum volume. Dolby options are designed for surround systems (like 5.1 or 7.1), whereas PCM provides great sound quality for stereo speakers (2.1). (A number like 2.1 indicates 2 speakers and 1 subwoofer.)

If you don't have a surround system, you will probably want to select PCM. You'll get much louder volume that way, and potentially better sound quality.


Auto match the volume for the rear speakers (only on Q90R, Q80R, and Q70R)
Update the firmware on your Soundbar to the latest version.
Turn off the soundbar when the update is completed.
Press and hold the Source button on the main unit for more than 5 seconds. If done correctly the soundbar will turn on.
The volume of the rear speakers will now match the volume of the front speakers when in surround mode.