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French Door Refrigerator RF23HCEDBSR/AA compressor not working after ice maker fix. Open ticket

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Good day. I am coming here in hopes of some help.  I have an open ticket of <HIDDEN>.  This is the third ticket.  Purchased 2/17/17.  Refrigerator/Gas Stove and Microwave. Bought the suite based on Samsung name.

Initially contacted via chat about ice maker freezing.   6/13-- ticket number <HIDDEN> - repair done on 6/17. replaced two sections from ice maker and the motherboard control panel on back of refrigerator.  Everything seemed to be working.  

6/25 open refrigerator to find water coming out of ice maker.  Refrigerator on, but compressor not running.  Temperature continue to rise.  Remove all food and turn off machine.  Contact Samsung.  New ticket  <HIDDEN>.    6/28 service appointment.  81  C on panel... replace invertor... looks like right beside main mother board on back of refrigerator.  turns back on ... can force compressor from menu.. starts cooling.  however, won't kick on compressor by itself... unplugs.  plugs back in... cannot get compressor to start at all.  determines it is the sealed compressor.  Removes new invertor and puts the old one back in, as the new one did not correct the problem.  unplugs refrigerator

the compressor is under 10 year warranty.  labor is 5 years.  we are now 4 months out of labor warranty.  technician called office.  labor for that part is 600. tech suggests contacting samsung again to see if any accommodations could be made about the labor charge.  paid the service charge.  

contact samsung via chat.  said ticket is closed opens a new one  <HIDDEN>.  I explain the warranty issue and was told by rep that we since we are only 4 months out of labor warranty, we pay the 600 charge and samsung would reimburse.  I was very appreciative.  service called the next day to set up appointment, i relayed the info. was informed nothing was in there about samsung reimbursing the 600. asked me to contact them again.  I did and the rep put in the notes that I said I was getting reimbursed, not that they said it.   service asked me to contact again.  The last rep that I had contact with questioned if the compressor was the issue. I informed that it was the tech who said that. He said nothing would be covered.

7/6 receive call from service center with estimate.  600 labor , compressor under warranty. could be two other parts for additional 212 and 189.  total out of pocket could be 600-1007 dollars.

I am reaching out as we have only had this refrigerator for five (5) years.  these are the first samsung appliances we have ever purchased.  my other refrigerators lasted for much longer than 5 years.

could someone please take a look at this and please contact me back.  
Thank you.  Have been without a refrigerator since 6/25

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Hello! I definitely understand how this has caused a bunch of frustrations with your fridge going out like this. So that I may look into this please send me a private message with your full model and serial number.