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Samsung Side by Side Refrigrator Rust

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This is the third post and still no resolution from Samsung about the refrigerator rusting on the back panel.  I’ve spoken with the Tech Rep “Ellie” and a manager “Robson” only to be told 1) product is out of warranty (tech rep) and 2) it’s a cleaning issues and reference the manual how to properly clean the back of the unit (manager).  Photo evidence was provided showing the rust and condensation trail down the back of the unit.  Also, an explanation with the ice auger removed, there was no ice/frost build up behind unit.  The area of concern freezes up, melts, then drips down the back of the unit.  This happens even with the water turned OFF, thus eliminating the possibility of a water leak in the upper icemaker area.  The refrigerator is in a climate-controlled environment, adequately vented, and evaporator coils clean.  I used to think that Samsung outdid GE, LG, and Whirlpool.  But that has been serious tainted with the rust on a ~6 yr appliance.  Understand that there are class action lawsuits ongoing with Samsung concerning the icemaker freezing up.  However, in this case it the rust and condensation issue at hand not the former.  Am I looking for a replacement unit, yes.  Will it be a Samsung, probably not.  Samsung you have an opportunity to make it right, please do so.





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Well, if you're asking Samsung to replace a 6-year-old unit, they won't. Honestly, whatever the issue is, they, just like most manufacturers, are only guaranteeing that it will work with no issues for the warranty period, usually 1 year. Once it's out of warranty, they're not responsible for any repairs (unless there is a recall). You can select a different brand, it's entirely up to you, of course. Personally, I heard about some Ice maker issues, but I bought a fridge with a different style maker (from Samsung), because I still like them as a brand. Mine is only 1 year old and, so far, works great. I had TVs or other electronics, laptops, die on me, in less than 6 years, and I didn't think much of it to be honest. Just bought replacements. 







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I am also having the same issue. My side by side is rusting below the water tray. Looks disgusting! Now my ice maker won't quit dispensing. I saw the concerns and bought Samsung anyways and now am sorry I did. Poor quality and poor customer service.