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CRG9 Issue with monitor and keyboard

(Topic created: 02-20-2024 09:47 AM)
Monitors and Memory

I'm currently running Windows 11 on the Intel NUC7i7DNHE with all the latest updates from both Microsoft and Intel. I recently bought the Samsung Odyssey CRG9 49" curved monitor. Ever since I have started using this monitor, my bluetooth keyboard randomly just stops working. Also when booting up the system, the display does not work. The only way I get the display to work is to follow this process:

1. Shutdown the NUC and Monitor

2. Unplug HDMI cable from NUC

3. Turn NUC on and wait until it fully boots.

4. Plug HDMI cable back into NUC

5. Power monitor on


If I do not follow that EXACT process, I never get any type of display on the monitor. If I plug my old monitor back in, no issues at all.......

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Community Manager
Monitors and Memory

Hello! Thank you for reaching out! From the information provided this seems to be a compatibility issue. It seems you are using integrated graphics from your CPU. The max resolution is 4096x2304@60Hz (Link) as the max resolution on the monitor is higher you will need to lower the resolution. But as for the Bluetooth interruption, I would recommend making sure that if the mouse uses a dongle plug it directly into the Intel pc. If it still occurs I would recommend reaching out to into for more information.