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Can we get access to the updated firmware for C32HG70?

(Topic created: 07-20-2021 09:33 PM)
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Hey there.  I am looking for a modern (circa 2021) released firmware for this monitor.  I know it exists because I've seen reference to it on the internet as being packed-in with more recently manufactured instances of this monitor (no hardware updates, as far as I know).  There was also a series of entries in the German European forums where some folks got their hands on v 1024.0 firmware. 

I attempted to use the 1025.0 firmware that is linked on the Samsung support website, but that is targeted for the 27" version of this monitor.  I was lucky to be able to step back to a copy of firmware 1022 I found on the Korean support site.  I know the newer firmwares punch-up the backlight and produce a more blue-ish toned (bright) white.  I have seen the photographic evidence online.  

I also know the "region" of the firmware doesn't matter, or doesn't even exist.  The US support site for the CHG70 series ONLY shows firmware for the 27inch monitor.  That is not the only monitor in this series folks. 

Please provide us with updated firmware for this monitor.  Thank you.      

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