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It has been years and Samsung still has no response for the "Auto Source Switch+" issues

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Here is the issue I am talking about 

There are a lot more posts like this one that Samsung conveniently marked "Solved" when it is obvious it is not solved for anyone.

It is shameful enough that Samsung is advertising a basic feature that 15-year-old monitors have as "A more Advanced version of source switch", but to just ignore this issue for years is just amazing. 

This issue still exists even in newer Odyssey monitors. I guess the issue has to be on the level of an exploding smartphone for Samsung to address.


I am looking forward to your copy-paste response to an FAQ link and I am aware that I will not be getting a "fix" but this really was the last straw to keep me away from Samsung products in the future.

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Nowhere in the G5 Manual does it imply auto switching between two existing connected sources (HDMI/DP).

What it does says is:

"Auto Source Switch By activating, a NEW connected source is displayed automatically.
― This function may not be supported depending on the model or geographical area."

When you first plug in the selected video cable it will automatically switch to that new input provided Auto Switch is enabled if present.

In the setup tutorial it only addresses plugging in the power cord and ONE video source (HDMI or DP) not multiple inputs.

Hey, if you find another brand that switches according to your whim then go  for it.

Apologies to the horse..




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unfortunately, the automatic signal source detection does not work on my monitor.
I connected a PC to the display port and my laptop to the HDMI port.

For example, if I turn off the laptop and then start the PC, I have to switch to DP manually.
I would expect the monitor to recognize the signal and automatically switch to the other port.


I have already enabled the System Setting "auto switch source".


Can someone help me with this problem ?


Modell:  Samsung Odyssey G5 LC34G55TWWPXEN

Firmware: M-T5534GCPA-1005.3


Thanks in advance.

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same issue, no known solution. I'm about to ditch Samsung line of monitors here on forward. They simply launch a product without any validations or after sales support. Everyday that I have to switch between sources sears into my mind how annoying this is and how I wouldn't buy another Samsung monitor ever again. 

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Unfortunately Samsung's fine print is not very clear on the subject.

If you plug in a new video source the monitor will switch to it.  If you already have an existing source on one of the ports It will not automatically switch to it when the other port goes offline.

They should have  named the function as "New Connection Autoswitch"

Poor forethought and execution of engineering thinking and user expectations.

Go find another brand that does what you want.