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Odyssey G8 OLED monitor and OS issues.

(Topic created: 06-27-2023 09:18 AM)
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I've recently purchased the Odyssey G8 OLED monitor. In general, it's great except for some annoying issues:

  1. The DP input is not recognized after the Windows PC turns off the screen after N minutes. I've noticed that this issue is quite commonly faced among other Samsung monitor owners, so maybe the Support team could elaborate on this?

    I've tried different options:
    Turning the monitor on and off.
    Plugging/unplugging the DP cable.
    Turning on/off Auto Source Switch+ in the monitor settings.
    Turning off ASPM for all links in PCI Express -> Link State Power Management on a Windows PC.

    None of the above-mentioned options helped. The video input is detected only after restarting the PC.

  2. The PS5 is locked at 2K with Game Mode enabled. With Game Mode disabled, it can run at 4K, but the input lag is noticeable. I doubt that these are PS5 limitations.

  3. The Netflix native app for Tizen OS doesn't support a 21:9 ratio. In the web app version, some films occupy the whole screen space, but the Tizen OS version has vertical and horizontal black bars. Indeed, this seems to be a third-party app issue, but maybe the support team could forward this to the relevant department?

  4. There's strange behavior with Macs connected via a Type-C cable. I've tried two MacBook Pros (versions 2018 and 2019). The 2018 version has no issues. It can display 3440 x 1440 resolution with 119.88Hz. The 2019 version can only display 3440 x 1440 with a refresh rate of 59.88Hz. No other refresh rates are available. It's hardly a monitor issue, but maybe someone can comment on this.


  • Monitor software version: 1444
  • PS5 software version: 23.01-
    Connected via premium 2.1 HDMI cable
  • Windows 11 version: 21H2, OS build 22000.2057
    RTX 3070, Driver version: 536.23
    Connected via the included DP cable
  • MacBook Pro (2018, 2019) OS version: 13.4.1
    Connected via premium Thunderbolt 4 cable.
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Community Manager
Monitors and Memory

Hello! Thank you for reaching out! I can understand how this can be frustrating with this occuring with your new monitor. A couple of things that you can try is to first see if this occurs with HDMI. I know this won't be a permanent solution this is just to see if it occurs with all sources. After that I would recommend trying with just one device at a time since you do have three different devices hooked up and sleep settings on each one will be different so they could potentially be competing for the main start-up source, but this is just a theory as everyone's setups are different. If this still occurs after all of this I would recommend taking the monitor back for an exchange. Or we can get this set up for service. Just either send me or any of the other moderators a private message with the following information below or, or call in directly at 1 (800) 726-7864


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