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Samsung Odyssey G9 Neo Cracked on it's own

(Topic created: 08-31-2023 09:20 AM)
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The Neo G9 stands as an impressive monitor, much like the majority of Samsung's product line. However, it is deeply troubling to witness instances where the monitor cracks without any discernible cause, potentially due to the routine temperature changes associated with powering it on and off. Numerous such cases have come to light, and it is truly perplexing that Samsung has yet to acknowledge and address this pressing issue. What adds to the bewilderment is Samsung's refusal to accept responsibility. Regrettably, customer support has denied a warranty repair or replacement, citing the exclusion of physical damage from coverage, even though the physical damage is evidently linked to an inherent flaw.

Does this reflect Samsung's approach to customers who invest substantial sums in premium-grade products? In stark contrast to Samsung's stance, other companies extend warranty replacements even when the customer bears some responsibility. The fact that Samsung declines assistance to customers grappling with a defective product is perplexing. Such a course of action appears to transgress the very essence of the warranty agreement, which should rightfully encompass all instances of manufacturing defects. This entire ordeal has left me deeply disillusioned with Samsung, prompting serious reservations about the prospect of future Samsung purchases.

While I've always held an affinity for Samsung products, the present circumstances call for reassurance as a consumer. The confidence in knowing that I am safeguarded by warranty provisions is paramount when investing in any product. I earnestly hope that Samsung will reevaluate its decision, demonstrating commitment to rectifying this issue in alignment with the terms stipulated in the warranty agreement.

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Hello! Thank you for reaching out! I see how this can be frustrating with your screen being cracked. So that I may look into this further please send me a private message with your full model and serial number and any previous ticker numbers you may have.