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A new cultural driver is here! Come along on our journey to discover an all-new Galaxy as we showcase our latest technologies designed to open possibilities and transform lives. It’s going to make you want to Join the flip side.

Find out more by joining Samsung Electronics TODAY, July 26 as we host the very first Unpacked in Seoul, Korea, a place where traditional culture and futuristic visions intersect to inspire global trends and game-changing innovation. Live streaming of the event will be available on Social @SamsungSupport or @SamsungMobileUS on Twitter or Facebook at 7 a.m. ET.

Also, if you’d like to follow along via the web there will be LIVE coverage of the entire event from Samsung Newsroom, and Samsung’s YouTube channel beginning at 8:00 p.m. KST, 7:00 a.m. ET, 4:00 a.m. PT, and 12:00 p.m. BST.

And as always, visit Samsung Newsroom for more upcoming teasers, trailers and the latest updates!


Im going to look at the phones tomorrow and decide thanks.

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Samsung Unpacked introduced a handfull of new devices but the one I was really excited to hear about was the Galaxy Watch6, especially since they brought back an old friend in the classic version with the rotating bezel.

I've been grateful to be able to use the Galaxy Watch6 and have plenty of use time with it, as it comes with some improvements and upgrades. Sleep tracking has been improved and lately I've decided to take my sleep tracking a little more seriously, so I have been wearing my Watch6 to bed every night and going through the advanced sleep coaching process daily. It helps me cut back on some bad habits and gives me feedback every morning along with my results from the night. 

The Galaxy Watch6 still automatically tracks workouts even as simple as a walk which is great. It lets me know that I'm active even if its not a rigorous workout. 

The one thing I truly have begun taking advantage of now especially since it pairs perfectly with the Galaxy Z Flip5, its the camera controller app on the Watch6. It makes taking photos and videos so much easier especially if you're by yourself. Flex Mode on the Z Flip5 then using the Watch6 to take control of your cameras actions can make for some great shots.

One last thing that I love about the new Galaxy Watch6 series are the new bands. The easy one button click and attach and detach makes swapping out bands for a specific mood or style a lot less of a hassle. The new fabric band is also lightweight and very comfortable. Very little to no sweaty even on a hot and humid day. 

The Galaxy Watch6 is the perfect companion if you plan on getting yourself any of the new devices like the Galaxy Z Flip5, Galaxy Z Fold5 or even the Galaxy Tab S9. 20230726_201626.jpg








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Oh man that food looks so good. Must have been one heck of an experience out there. 

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@KnightRiderRalph The food was really great, and having the opportunity to visit Seoul was beyond anything I ever imagined. I have already planned my return trip, now I just need about $10K and a month free time. 🤣

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I had the amazing opportunity to go to Seoul for Samsung's latest Unpacked event! 

We had the unprecedented opportunity to visit Samsung's Digital City! The place where Samsung does all the magic! 


Our group started the day with a bus tour of the facility. 


The facility is huge and an amazing place. It also has resources for employees to relax such as a park and sports field. 

After the tour we visited the QA lab! This was the first time that they allowed Samsung Members such an opportunity! Samsung puts the devices through a torturous regiment designed to ensure that you get the most reliable devices possible! Some of the sounds in that lab make you cringe as you try to imagine ever having your device go through that. 

We then went to the Samsung cafeteria and grabbed some lunch. There were many choices in the huge cafeteria catering to every taste. 

After lunch we attended a Member's council. We had interactive presentations with Samsung staff. We talked about the Samsung Members presence around the world and marketing information. Then there was a discussion about Flip 5 design and cameras. It was very cool to have the opportunity to ask tough questions and get real answers from those on the product team. 

Such an awesome day left you wanting to see the new devices immediately! But this was only Day 1! We had to wait for another whole day for the unpacked event. 

I'll never forget this awesome trip and Samsung unpacked! 


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Hi everyone!

As all of you know, this year, the Samsung Unpacked was in Seoul, South Korea. At every Unpacked, Samsung brings Samsung Members from around the world, as special guests to the Unpacked, and also lets them participate in team building exercises, workshops, test new devices, and explore whatever city it's happening in together. This year, I was very fortunate to be one of only 3 US Members from these Forums to be invited, and want to share a bit about our time in Seoul, and a few of my favorite pictures! All shot #withGalaxy


We were there for only 3 days, but those days were packed with activities. There was so much cool stuff to explore, but the ones that stood out to me the most were:

1. On the second day of our trip, the day after the Unpacked, we went into the brand new Samsung Gangnam, an Immersive Flagship Store in the heart of Seoul.


The place was huge. You can't tell at first as when you walk in, as it looks like a nice phone store, with devices on tables, and some accessories on walls. You can purchase mobile devices and computers there, as well as hundreds of unique accessories. 



But the real magic starts when you walk upstairs. There are 3 floors, and the upper 2 are all about Samsung experiences, with demo areas where you can try new phones and unique accessories, take pictures, play games on Samsung's latest gaming monitors and mobile devices, and participate in interactive events. The place is beautiful, and it feels more like a playground:





The view was great too.


And the place is also a mini museum, which I thought was just so cool. There were several older Samsung flip phones on display, all in working condition too! Demonstrating their evolution to a modern foldable phone category which started with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold.




Awesome place. If you ever find yourself in Seoul, make sure to stop by!


2. After the store visit, we had some influencer workshops, where we learned some tips and tricks about mobile photography. Ironically, I don't have any pictures from those, as I was trying to pay attention. But, another team building event took place right after, and it was one of my favorite things from the entire trip. We had a gaming tournament, where all the Samsung Members competed against each other in Asphalt 9 running on Fold 5s in multiplayer mode. There was a processional e-sports caster providing live commentary, we had a giant screen behind the players showing the race in real time, and there were of course some prices involved! I didn't win anything:) For this one, I have a short clip showing it in action:


3. And finally, the one activity I spent the most of my free time on was simply taking pictures around Seoul! It's a beautiful city and culture, and an amazing mix of modern and old, together. Here are a few:













I hope you enjoyed this little part of my otherwise huge and amazing time in Seoul, and thank you, Samsung, for giving us the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience this historic Unpacked in person!


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Going to Samsung unpacked is always such a great time. This time going to Seoul just added to the excitement and fun! IMG_20230726_054441_528.jpg


We had 2 days of activities before the unpacked event. Each activity just teased a little more information in front of us to build the excitement. Finally at the unpacked event and the hands on experience center we were able to see and interact with the devices! They did not disappoint! 









The Flip 5 has an amazing new cover display. Not only is it bright and full of detail, it is interactive. It allows you to control the camera to take photos and interact with widgets and apps. The watch style swipe features make it extremely easy to access what you need. I used one of these for 2 days and was incredibly impressed. I kept changing the cover display to another photo or video to express my current activity. I couldn’t decide if I liked using it better when it was folded or open. The new processor gives the UI very snappy performance and the photos are crazy good. 

IMG_20230728_053230_592 copy.jpg


IMG_20230728_053230_621 copy.jpg


IMG_20230728_075719_726 copy.jpg


The Fold 5 came with some impressive enhancements. The new hinge design allows the Fold to have a smaller pocket presence. It was incredibly smooth and offered the awesome Flex mode to handle whatever angle you needed. The new processor boosts the performance and allows for enhanced photo capturing using AI. The Fold 5 has the performance power to handle your multitasking needs whether they be business related or gaming. I love the ability to have a game on half of the screen while I am DMing the competition on the other half. At the unpacked event we participated in a gaming session. We played Asphalt 9 on the Fold 5 in a competition broadcast mode. There was a huge screen behind us so the audience could watch and an e-sportscaster calling the shots. So much fun! And it just drove home the power of the Fold 5. 

I hope you get some useful information from my post. My recommendation is to “Join the Flip side” by taking advantage of the huge pre-order deals on


It's been awhile since I've used Goodlock, so thanks for the recommendation. Does the new Fold make sense if you want to pay a little more for it over the Flip? In my opinion, there does not seem to have been much improvement in terms of the upgrade

Sounds. Exsighting
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tab s9 was the best part ngl