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Is SmartThings Dead?

(Topic created: 03-21-2021 10:37 AM)
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I'm searching for a new home and was intending on decking it out with Samsung SmartThings security accessories but I don't see any on Samsung.com any longer 😧.

Is Samsung discontinuing support for SmartThings security? I read they no longer support or work with ADT. And if they are discontinuing that support, does that mean they could eventually discontinue Samsung SmartThings app entirely? (I imagine that last one may not happen just because of all the appliances and TV, but it's still a worry 😰

If anyone, Samsung user/ambassador/support, knows why they got rid of them, can you let me know why and what I good SmartThings supported alternative would be?
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Samsung Apps and Services
smart things is not being discontinued. the adt smartthings system is no longer supported. with that being said samsung is not really doing smartthings hardware anymore. Aeotec will be one of the companies creating the new smartthings hub. I suggest looking into works with smartthings