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Samsung Cloud, One Drive and Google Drive

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I've tried to search this topic but haven't found what I needed.  I know that Samsung Cloud is discontinuing its cloud storage for "Gallery" and has a process to switch to OneDrive.  With my S10, I have the native Samsung Cloud backup (which is ending) and am also backing up to my Google Drive.  My  question is:  If I use the Samsung tool and set up the backup to OneDrive, will it affect my backup to GoodleDrive?  I guess I'm asking if I can have my Gallery backed up (and sync) to both OneDrive and GoogleDrive.  I'm not sure which one works better and would like to have both running to see which one I like.  I do not want to install the OneDrive backup and find out that it has disabled my phone from backing up to GoogleDrive.

Thank you for your help.

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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
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Your Backup to OneDrive will not affect the one with Google Drive, its definitely possible to run both. :)

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