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Airdresser not drying

(Topic created: 01-02-2024 03:31 PM)
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Hello, lately my airdresser doesn't dry properly. Everytime I finished with a cycle, everything is still wet, the walls, the door, the clothes are definitely damp, and if I dry the walls with the paper towels it will take 10 paper towels to finally dry it out. 

My lint filter is clean, the rubber around the door is still good, and I can't find any other possible cause. Any tips or any other options that I could try? I don't want to use the extra AI drying that will take another 1.5 hours, sometimes I have a lot of clothes / items to steam and this additional drying time really problematic.

Thank you. 
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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hello and thank you for reaching out to our Samsung Community team. I am so sorry to hear about the AirDresser not drying properly and would love to assist you with this matter. 


To get started we recommend for you to make sure the lint filter is clean and properly inserted. I've included those steps here:

1. Open the lint filter cover, and then remove the lint filter.

2. Clean the filter with a soft brush while running it under water.

3. Let the lint filter completely dry in a shaded area before reinserting it back into the AirDresser.

4. Once you reinsert the lint filter, close the filter cover and retry. 


Secondly, it is important to choose the specific cycle for your garments, and you can review this resourceful article here to assist- https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00085464/


Finally, we ask for you to make sure the door gasket is not damaged and that items are not caught on the door.

 Please note: If the door gasket is damaged, unplug the power cord and do not use the AirDresser until you've had it looked at by a service technician.

To request service here is the link- https://www.samsung.com/us/support/service/. You may also send a Private Message for direct assistance by selecting any moderator and clicking on the chat option with your full model and serial number.