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Galaxy Book Pro 360 15.6 Constantly Crashes, Freezes, and Restarts itself

(Topic created: 08-13-2021 12:34 PM)

I've had this laptop less than three months and it is useless. Here is video of the laptop crashing twice within minutes of me opening it after it was returned from Samsung's "repair" center. (0:18 and 3:10;  this is edited down from a 16 minute version that includes me unboxing the package from the repair center.)

I generally enjoy Samsung devices and have used the Galaxy and Note phones for years, as well as the tablet, TV, earbuds, etc. so I bought the Galaxy Book Pro on May 14 directly from Samsung. I updated Windows and Samsung’s included apps. I installed conventional software such as Chrome, Firefox, and Discord. I made no hardware adjustments and have only used the computer at home.

By June, I was noticing freezing and shutdown problems. I assumed the underlying problem might be me doing something like accidentally brushing the power button, and since it wasn’t happening too frequently (as far as I could tell or rationalize away), I wasn’t tracking it.

But by July, it was a fairly constant problem. The laptop was resetting frequently enough that I couldn’t count on writing a couple paragraphs of words without it crashing. Windows Event Viewer was showing dozens of recent Critical events (Event ID 41 Kernel-Power: “The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first.”). I reached out to Samsung support through Twitter on July 25.

Their advice was to perform a factory reset with a fresh Windows installation. I did that. The next day, within half an hour of use the laptop was freezing and crashing again. This time Samsung’s Twitter support said that I needed to ship it in. I sent it off on July 27. I received Samsung’s confirmation of receipt on August 2. Samsung’s repair service said there was “No Defect Found” on August 4. I told Samsung on Twitter that “No Defect Found” was ridiculous but they only responded by providing the return shipment tracking number. They returned it and I received it on August 9. 

Within minutes of being turned on, the laptop is again crashing and restarting itself. Samsung support's only response is to send it back to the same team that failed to repair it before. They refuse to even discuss options.

Does anyone have any ideas? It's pretty terrible to have to go to forums to get help on a product that's under warranty whose brand I've trusted for years, but they refuse to provide real support.

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I completely get the frustrations with that.  Unfortunately the service team would need to deem the unit unrepairable before any potential accommodations could be made.  If you haven't already began the process and would like to move forward with that, feel free to send me a private message and I can get that set back up for you: http://bit.ly/2ihPL97

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this kind of response gives me shivers. just ordered one for my daughter and its crazy a company like Samsung resorts to stuff like this. wish i bought the dell xps from Costco !!!