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A photographer with a unique vision in my opinion

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Darren C. Walker is one of the best photographer I know and is an avid user of the Rule of Thirds. But then you will tell me, what is special about a photographer that other people don’t have? My answer is simple, he doesn't see things the way WE saw them and it shows in every one of his photos.

As photographer, i like to see what other people are doing all around the world but i am looking what others peoples can do with their Samsung Devices.

Darren has his own way of giving a special touch to each of his photos and I sincerely admit that I have not seen his style on any photographie's  forum and / or in the various Samsung Gallety. Darren has agreed to share some Before / After photos with me and I'll let you judge his talent for yourselves.

We will start slowly so that you get used to its unique style.





and the more we advance in the post, the more we will see his style evolve towards the extreme, a bit like the following photo. Note that only an experienced photographer who knows different applications like the back of his hand can achieve such results. If you are a PRO you might be able to do similar things, but Darren C. Walker doesn't imitate anyone. he was able to create his own style that I have not seen on any forum or photo sites and even on #WithGalaxy (which I recommend ... Instagram)  I could guess if he is the author or not of the photos presented .

The photographers who stand out are the ones who don't do things like the others ... and ... Darren does nothing like  others peoples ...

He knows how to handle his Samsung device which is one with him at all times and will decide whether he will create an image worthy of the apocalypse or simply a professional photo with the Samsung devices he has or had in his possession.


or if it will only increase the saturation in order to make his photos  more alive like these tulips.


and / or it will crop a photo in a perfect way by bringing out the subject while respecting the Rule of Thirds about which I speak so much.



Darren C. Walker is unquestionably a seasoned artist and photographer. Here is another Before / After photo captured on his Note20 ultra

Before (photo already superb)


After (which joins his unique style) he can change the season of the photo he took and / or add a sunset in the scene 


Every transformations he made are unbeleivable


Like all self-respecting photographers, montages are easy for him and allow him to go from this to that without difficulty.

I hope that the photos of Darren C. Walker that I am showing you allow you to see that the limits in photography exist only in your head and will convince you to go further in photography.

Before ( the Samsung Editor allows you to do this montage quite easily See this post :


Here is a photograph that Darren agreed to show me before the final cut,




Note that it is rare to see photos of the Avant in such imperfect condition ... which shows us how much we can improve a photo that we would have calculated as being missed at the start when we know our camera. 

You too could be successful in developing your own style and becoming a Pro too.

Besides, I notice that the style of some photos of Jeno's photography are a bit in the same vein


What I like about Darren is that he is not afraid to bend down when necessary and he always has that touch of which the saturation of the images which is personal to him and which makes him unique. 





They are very good photographers and we must be inspired by these people to become better. Take a look at the pictures I have compared and you will notice that the angle to take the picture is similar and it looks like they went to the same school to "shoot" these pictures.

Here is the last photo of Darren for today, he went from this 


and he used it to do this:


When you speak with these photographers, you will notice that they all have one thing in common: PASSION

and they'll talk to you about photography for hours and hours with extraordinary generosity ... and one can only admire their photos hoping to become as good as them.




I admit that I spend hours and hours looking at the photographs taken by these different experts on Instagram or on #WithGalaxy whether  Jef Canton another good photographer, I encourage them to write us an article to share their knowledge.



My next post will be about the Golden/Blue hours, these hours are the best hours for photographies.




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Happy New Year to all of you

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