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Make photo montages with Samsung's photo editor and have fun !!!

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Cosmic Ray

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EX: Go from this to this. 






So that everyone understands how I made the modification on my photo, I will explain it here:


Photo before cropping + tool for cropping

To outline, you choose roughly what you want to keep in the image with the lasso ... then you add with the + what you want and / or remove what is in excess with the -. You save and choose the photo on which you want to place your cropped image.

I did not find the crocodile cut out but I cut it out again, it allows you to understand how I proceeded to obtain this result.

Quickly, I had cut out the image of the crocodile and I had only to add it as a symbol on the original photo as on this printscreen. 

The symbol that I added is the crocodile that I had detoured that I was able to choose from my Gallery. 



The result is far from perfect because I did it in 10 minutes just for fun. 


You can also create a filter with one of your images and apply it to one of your photos ... It allows you to be able to decide on the transparency of the added photo.

I did not crop the Croque Odile so that you can see the filter better, whose transparency I adjusted to around 50%, that allowed me to see if my editing was possible. It is convenient for making photo montage.

My point of reference was to line up the alligator's eye with the knot of the tree trunk / rock lying on the ground and then enlarge the head as needed.


 Well, that's as simple as that 

Cut out definition:

transitive verb

  1. 1.


Give its contour to (a part being machined).

  1. 2.


Delimit the outline of (a subject) on a snapshot

Have fun and don't be shy if you have any questions ...

Let's share knowledge together, it unites the community  !!!

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Really nice photos
Cosmic Ray

Thanks @TheOgNickJames  

Many pictures are send or shared with me  by Samsung's Members users that are in fact successful photographers and it's a honor for me to work with those people.. You can see more by clicking on my articles's link at the top of this post 😉

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