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Verify Galaxy buds, Real or Fake?

(Topic created: 05-19-2021 02:04 PM)
Cosmic Ray
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So, I definitely got ripped off and got a fake pair of Galaxy Buds Live. The only true reason I know, is that I went to Walmart and dropped the money for a brand new, in store set. A little back story: These earbuds were marketed and sold under the Samsung branding, look and everything. I mean, it's so good of a fake, it connects to galaxy wearable, but is not functional on there. I'm curious samsung, what do you do with people who are infringing on your patent AND using your name and branding to sell fake products?

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Product Expert
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These buds are actually international we just ran into a similar issue with that exact model number. Our system identified the serial number as a model is a Korean model. The customer we had bought theirs at a Target they said. If you need the US version repaired please reach out to 1800Samsung and they can help you get these fixed or repaired. If you need assistance with an international model, you will need to use this link to locate support for the country of origin. https://www.samsung.com/us/common/visitlocationsite.html 


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