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Samsung Tech Support requesting the IMEI

(Topic created: 10-12-2023 04:23 AM)
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Hi all, just a quick question merely curious is all but could anyone provide a bit more details or reasoning as to why Samsung customer support would ask or need my devices IMEI number? When I asked this recently, both the AI & the actual human support folks did not give me a reason that supported them needing this in order to help me. Because I've worked in IT for over 15+ years I'm probly asking for the deeper explanation that what the front end staff folks can even provide me. My reason for contacting them was simple. I simply had a question about the Smart Switch backup software as I used it recently & believe it erased my device data that was on it prior to restoring a saved backup. It didn't ask me if I wanted to replace all of merge my data into the existing data. But the data that was on my device is gone after restoring it using the Smart Switch backup from my previous Galaxy. Maybe I did something wrong but it seemed pretty straightforward & I didn't hours putting data onto my device from my computer only to have this software delete it when I restored a backup. But the support folks immediately wanted my IMEI number which given the current times, I will not provide anyone any info about me or my device nor will I allow anyone to connect remotely to it without some serious business or technical justification prior. My identity & personal info has been compromised more than a dozen times in a matter of 4 years maybe 5. That is astounding & unacceptable. It's up to me to make sure that stops now. But when asked why they wanted it, I was not given any reasoning go justify the need & thus was not given any help regarding my initial question about how the software works with existing data. Any clarification regarding either issue would b greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in adv to anyone who does. Take care!✌️

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Speculation: I think they want clarification on your device to determine SoC, CDC, etc. It's like when I call different OEM providers for my truck. They want to know my VIN. Some parts are interchangeable, others are not, and so on. It helps them immediately narrow down potential issues. Again....my speculation.