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When your Note9 device Feels Warm?

(Topic created: 08-24-2018 08:46 AM)
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I received my Tmobile branded Note9 today and after transferring data from my Note8 and initial set up, I browsed the internet for a good 5 hours during which I noted the device was becoming increasingly warm. This concerned me as the ability to handle heavy tasks such as gaming without heating up is supposed to be this device's signature feature yet it was becoming noticeably toasty just internet surfing. Any thoughts?

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WEll I think there is a confusion with what they have promised. I don't think they claim the phone will stay cool, but with the new heatpipes (BTW a teardown didn't find any carbon or liquid in there, but whatever, that's marketing), they promised that the performance won't be decreased during heavy loads. A processor still generate heat, but the larger heatpipe does a better job of moving that heat away from it so it doens't throttle under load. With that said, all that heat gets spread over a larger area of the phone surface and that's where it hoets transfered to our hands, and there might even be more of it, in fact from some tests that I've read the Note9 gets hotter than the S9+ or Note8:/ But it remains faster when those other phones start to slow down.

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What Geno said...

But also my phone got hotter that i figured it should on the first couple days too. Regardless, I later played a round of fortnite with full brightness and with nfc accidentally turned on. (Only one, I'll get into it when we can use a controller with real buttons) It was amazingly hot.

Fast forward to the next day. Something kicked in that put all my apps to sleep that havent been used. including preinstalled and all of my first day apps. No speed issues, and no heat issues.

You can configure this, Id recommend setting it to one day on your first day. after it puts 90% of your apps to sleep, set it back to three days or anything else you want it to be.

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