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Galaxy 46mm/ bad watch, horrible customer service

(Topic created: 09-19-2021 05:48 AM)
Galaxy Watch

I have come to the realization that SAMSUNG does not care about customer satisfaction. I purchased a Galaxy watch in Feb 2021, fast forward to 9/2021 and my watch is now in Samsungs care (lol) and I'm being told that the watch has water damage. This is NOT the first time my watch has been in for service with Samsung. I had to send it in twice before due to software related issues and now, because it was stuck in a “reboot loop”, which then led to "WATER DAMAGE"?  I put that in quotes because that is what the customer care and tech support tells me. The ONLY time I used the watch was for running so I can use the features to track my distance, route, heart rate, etc. After each run, I would rinse the band off, immediately dry the band and clean the face and back of the watch with the moist towel and then dry it off again.  I don’t wear the watch to work, didn't swim with it, dont SCUBA or skydive through thunder clouds. With claims such as “water resistant” up to 50 meters for 30 minutes, moisture from skin contact and rinsing under cool water shouldn’t be a big deal. SAMSUNG is  bent on the fine print that if there is water damage, it automatically voids the warranty, holding the user at fault rather than doing a thorough inspection of every component on the watch. Samsung does NOT look at the history of the watch, the condition and facts. They simply do not care.  My watch has absolutely no scratches, dings or dents that would compromise the integrity of the watch.  At some point, SAMSUNG should have just replaced the watch with the same model due to the issues I've had with it already. At least one would think a company with a sense of good customer service would probably do so. Perhaps $200 would break the company? With all of this in mind, one would wonder what the repair costs would be.  I had a generous quote of 339.89, which is almost 130.00 MORE than I purchased the watch for, and I can still find new models (not refurbished) for under 250.  On the plus side, I wasn’t asked to pay for shipping and handling. Why would Samsung quote a repair cost that high when I could walk into my local electronics store and buy the exact same model for less? Another example of Samsung not backing the consumer. I wont go over the multiple agents that I had the pleasure, and displeasure to speak with. Some nice, some rude and another that flat out lied to me to get me off the phone. I’d like to focus on the sub par quality of the Galaxy watch and the horrific backing and customer support provided. After doing a bit of research online, I’ve ran across too many individuals with the same issue that I have. Watch goes in, watch has mysterious water damage, no support behind product, overcharged for repairs. There have been reports with an issue regarding the heartbeat sensor on the back and the adhesive that keeps it in place. Yup, its glued in, which compromises the watches integrity when it goes bad.   So if you’re still considering a Galaxy watch, just be forewarned that you too could end up with a faulty watch and loose hundreds of dollars

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Galaxy Watch

Through it in the river that  watch battery bad have download too many apps. Others only have one app!!