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Help with Gestures and Bixby on the Galaxy watch 5

(Topic created: 03-11-2023 07:25 AM)
Galaxy Watch

I have had an issue since before December and no one is helping me I have the insurance and it doesn't seem to matter because still no one is helping me I am not a computer person so when they send me a note try to do this I can't do it and I've told them this but they don't seem to care I said please tell me where I can bring the watch in to be fixed they've done nothing so if anyone out there know some place for me to call for help for my watch five that would be amazing to the people who work in this area you all suck and I hope something very sad and horrible happens to you that have tried helping me because you know you have no Ambitions to help or care to help a woman who is unable to help herself and this only happened to me since my son has passed but no one cares the fact that I have a Samsung flip phone Samsung phone and a Samsung watch means I've spent thousands of dollars on equipment that people won't help me fix