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My gear s3 frontier won't turn on

(Topic created: 01-30-2021 09:49 PM)
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Hi I'm having a problem with my Gear S3 frontier, it will just sit at the boot screen forever and I've tried to put it in recovery mode but it just keeps on going to the infinite boot screen. Does anyone know how to fix this? 

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i am dealing with the same problem
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Thank you for reaching out. 

If your watch's battery is completely discharged, it will not power on. You'll need to charge it before turning it on. If the watch will not power on, it doesn't seem to charge, or the light on the charger blinks, the problem could be anything from the battery, connection, the charger, or the watch itself. Give this link a try for some troubleshooting steps for the watch not power on: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/troubleshooting/TSG01003100/

If the above troubleshooting did not assist in resolving this matter, we would recommend upgrading your product as due to the age of the unit, it would be beyond economical repair.
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Instead of sending you somewhere else, let me give you a couple things to try.


#1)  Hold both buttons, (power & back button) at same time.  Continue to hold until the Samung Logo appears and it says "rebooting" -  then let go, and see if watch starts up properly.


If that doesn't work:


#2)  Put on charger, and while on the charger, do the exact same thing:  press both buttons until the Samsung Logo - Reboot screens shows;  then release and see if this fixes problem.



If still problems, let me know.... good luck!




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