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iHeartRadio won't connect on Galaxy Watch

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Galaxy Watch
• I have a 1st Generation Samsung Galaxy Watch [i.e.; not Active, 2, 3, 4, 5, et cetera].
• I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+.
• I've had the iHeartRadio app installed on my S8+ for 4 years now.
• I've had the iHeartRadio for Gear app installed on my Galaxy Watch for 3 years now.

• The iHeartRadio for Gear app used to work perfectly on my Galaxy Watch, to control the iHeartRadio app on my S8+, for the first year. After that, I could no longer use it to do so. So, I stopped trying to control the app on my S8+ from the app on my Galaxy Watch.
• Earlier, this evening, I attempted to start the app on my Galaxy Watch, and something completely new happened. It stated, "Device not connected or connection lost. Please pair them and relaunch iHeartRadio Gear Control."

▪︎My Galaxy Watch is connected to my S8+ via Bluetooth.
▪︎I made sure the app on my S8+ was running, and streaming when I opened the app on my Galaxy Watch. Same result.
▪︎I did the same, without actively streaming. Same result.
▪︎I already uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my Galaxy Watch. Same result.
▪︎I restarted my Galaxy Watch. Same result.
▪︎The Notification setting for the iHeartRadio for Gear App is switched [On] on my Galaxy Watch.
▪︎All of both apps' Default settings, and Permissions, are [On] and intact.
▪︎The default Music App on my Galaxy Watch keeps taking control over the app on my S8+. Even when I switched its audio source to the Galaxy Watch [rather than my S8+], left it running in the background, and opened the iHeartRadio for Gear app on the Galaxy Watch, it produced same result.
▪I searched online for a possible solutions, but found zero specific to my two devices. So, here I am.

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@AbnermalitysAsylum Have you checked with the developers of that app? It may be that and update was applied and the app no longer supports those old systems.