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10 months and no refund

(Topic created: 06-12-2024 08:27 AM)
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If anyone can help guide me what to do I would really appreciate it. I bought Samsung appliances back in Aug 2023 because of a promotion they were having at the time. I put in all my paperwork within a few weeks of buying them. About the middle of Aug according to Samsungs check my status I was approved for the cash back. I waited for the 45 days and didn’t receive anything.. 

After calling them multiple times they told me I had to wait for an additional 45 days and would receive the pre paid Visa card by the end of Dec. The end of Dec came around and I still have nothing. So I waited another 45 days. I got frustrated and called in again and was told that apparently even though the website and employees in the past said it was approved in Aug of 2023. Something happened and it had to be resubmitted in Dec and that’s when it was actually approved. So I waited ANOTHER 45 days.. Did I receive anything? Nothing… As of June 12th 2024 I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY PREPAID VISA. 

It makes absolutely no sense why it would take them 10 whole months to send anything. Especially since it comes in an email as a virtual card. 

I am beyond irritated at this point with no end in sight when I will get my “reward”. I will not ever be going back to Samsung after this. I am very discouraged and am close to calling corporate and making complaints. I have no clue what else to do. I have been more the fair with my patience 

Please help

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Only option that I know of would be to contact Samsung at 1-800-726-7864 and maybe a mod or admin might be able to help @SamsungModerator1 

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Gary is right this site is peer to peer support - none of us can help you with your refund - Moderators posted this previously:  https://us.community.samsung.com/t5/Samsung-Apps-and-Services/Samsung-Support-Acknowledgement/td-p/2...