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Can't Set DW80CG4021SR Auto Release

(Topic created: 01-16-2024 02:02 PM)
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Just got this machine. I've followed the instructions, but cannot complete the instructions to enable the Auto Release. I am able to complete Step 1. When I go to Step 2, when I touch the Sanitize button nothing happens, as in the Clean Indicator doesn't flash.

Just to see what would happen, I touched the Heated Dry button (while the Rinse Refill and Clean Indicators are flashing) and the Rinse Refill light does flash. I don't know what that means. FYI, I've touched the Sanitize button both while the Rinse Refill and Clean Indicators are flashing, and after they stop and in neither case does the Clean Indicator flash.

What am I missing? Or is that function not available on this model. And, what does the Rinse Refill Indicator flashing mean when I hit the Heated Dry button? I've pasted the instructions below:


Auto Release™ Dry (For applicable models)
The Auto Release™ Dry function, which is designed to improve drying performance, automatically
opens the dishwasher's door 1 to 15 minutes before a cycle ends.
You can enable or disable Auto Release™ Dry using the Setting Mode as described starting below.
Step 1. Entering the Setting mode
1. Turn the dishwasher on.
2. Press and hold the AUTO cycle button for five seconds within 60 seconds
from turning on the dishwasher.
- When you entered the Setting mode,
the Rinse Refill and Clean Indicators will flash.
Step 2. Auto Release™ On/Off
1. Press the Sanitize button to select the Auto Release™ Dry function
setting mode. The Clean Indicator is flashing.
2. Press the AUTO cycle button to change the setting.
Express 60 lights up : Function enabled (Default)
Express 60 lights off : Function disabled
3. Wait 5 seconds to save the setting.
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Community Manager
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Hello! Thank you for reaching out! I see how this can be frustrating with not being able to use the auto-release function.  When Rinse Refill and Clean Indicators are flashing it lets you know that you are in the settings mode. While they are flashing you should hit the sanitize button. Once you hit this it will select the setting for the auto release, and the clean indicator should be flashing, you then need to press the auto cycle button to change the auto release to on or off. If this is not helping I would recommend calling in directly at 1 (800) 726-7864 to get real-time support to help walk through the settings.