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Range NX60T8711SS timer

(Topic created: 06-26-2022 06:39 AM)
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Why does my range show an “elapsed time at temperature” timer  instead of the timer I set?!?! 
I have to access the timer with the knob to see how much time is left for my dish. Or have to go into the app. I don’t care how long the oven has been on, especially when there’s no food inside it. This should be a menu option feature instead of a permanent setting or replaced completely with the user set timer. Who cooks by how long the oven has been at temperature even when there’s no food inside? 
And yes, I have already set the display to be always on. That is not the issue. Whoever develops the programming for this range could easily update it to show the timer instead of the elapsed time at temperature. And then I could download the update and my range would be perfect. Right now it’s frustrating and a little disappointing.

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Hi there! I can definitely understand the frustration with this. To help with this, I'm providing this link to the full user manual for this model: https://downloadcenter.samsung.com/content/UM/202109/20210913103921835/NX60T8711SS_AA_DG68-01220A_06...

It's possible you are also setting the cook time function as well as the timer function. The cook time function is very similar to the timer, but the cook time will also turn the oven off at the end. There may also be another setting that has been altered to prevent the timer from displaying while in use.