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Range display flickering

(Topic created: 06-27-2022 06:55 PM)
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A year after buying an electric range the display started to flicker. When I called they said warranty expired. Waited another year and read so many complaints with the same issue. I was told they would pay for new display part but I had to pay for service call (which was more money than the part). I said just send part. They refused. Well I  finally I couldn't take in no more and bought the part . Finally fixed. Samsung knows their display part is defective with so many complaints. I did notice they took off most of the complaints from a year ago. Will never buy samsung appliances again especially now that I'm remodeling my kitchen


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I'm sorry you had a bad experience. The thing is, a warranty IS the guarantee they give against defects, so even if they know about it now (assuming they didn't deliberately design a defective model), they don't have to fix it after that warranty period. It's completely understandable that things like this can discourage consumers from buying more products from a company, but really, it can happen with any manufacturer. I like Samsung, obviously, and overt the years, sure, there were a couple of products that were not great, overall though, I still prefer this brand.

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