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Samsung Disappointment

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Close to 5 years ago now we remodeled our Kitchen, and with that bought all new top-of-the-line Samsung appliances. To include

1. French door Refridgerator with bottom Freezer. 

2. 5 Burner Stove and oven. 

3. Mounted Microwave. 

After 5 years, I have had nothing but disappointment with these appliances. The Refridgerator has been a nightmare in itself. The Ice Make is a complete design failure. It does not have a sensor to tell when ice is full, and it just keeps making ice. On top of that, there is a design problem with condensation on the coils will run down and freeze and turn the whole ice maker into a block of ice, not ice cubes. I am so fed up with trying to defrost it every 2 weeks so it will work. There is no easy way to defrost the ice maker, and it can take days with a heating pad to get it working again. Now the door linkage is broken. I just want the thing out of my house at this point. 

2. Two days ago the Oven, which had been exhibiting some strange flashing signs on the control pannel died, Control panel is dead. 

3. Just 3 years ago I purchased a Samsung 55in UHD TV. It died last week with a large section of the screen in the middle just going black. 

I paid in excess of 6k for these appliances from Home Depot when I remodeled. When I pay that kind of money I would expect them to last more than five years. The refrigerator has been a problem from day one. What kind of support did I get from either Home Depot or Samsung? Nothing. The ice maker technically worked. Now it is past the warranty and they will do nothing for it. Nor for the Oven that just died. Nor for the TV that just died. 

It is today's standard for manufacturers to design and engineer their product so it last "just past" the warranty period. That has it down to a science. I did not know that Samsung was one of those companies. but now know better.  Never again will I buy a Samsung product, and I am going to paste this message all over the internet I can find that has customer feedback boards!

David W Ramsey
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Wow! Truly sad to hear such a big expense and a few years later they go bad.. sorry 😞
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Community Manager
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Hello, Thank you for sharing your experiences with these appliances. I can definitely understand your frustration with having so many issues with each of them. We would love the opportunity to work with you directly to try to resolve any of these issues you're still experiencing. If you would like, you can reach out to any of the moderators here in a private message for further assistance. We are happy to go over each of these concerns to determine the best possible solution available. We appreciate your patience with this, and hope to help you get this resolved as quickly as possible.