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Samsung rs27t5200sr turn on ice maker

(Topic created: 08-25-2023 01:09 AM)
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I have a samsung rs27t5200sr that won’t make ice on it’s own. I believe the ice maker is turned off. I tried the “test” switch and it successfully made ice, but didn’t drop it into the bucket. I tested it again a few days later and it dropped the cubes in the bucket and produced another tray of ice. Since this model of fridge does not have an “ice maker” button or digital screen to turn it on I cannot figure out how to make it continuously make ice. Other fridges have a switch or bar that you pull down to activate, but it appears the ice gauge on this fridge cannot be pulled down to activate it. If I could get guidance on if I have to press and hold 1 or a couple buttons to activate or where a switch it that would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!

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Cosmic Ray
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Looks like you hold the ice lover down for more than 5 seconds. I uploaded the pages from the manual for youScreenshot_20230825_010540_Chrome.jpgScreenshot_20230825_010607_Chrome.jpgScreenshot_20230825_010746_Chrome.jpg