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Samsung M8 - ISP Blocking Service / Error 202

(Topic created: 06-27-2022 07:42 AM)
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My M8 monitor (LS32BM801UNXGO) is unable to connect to any the Smart Hub features, apps or other internet functions. I can connect to my wireless network using AT&T Fiber without issue. I first run in to trouble when it tries to run setup and can't download the terms and conditions, always failing with an error about maintenance. A check of my internet connection says I'm connected just fine. When I run device care diagnostics on the monitor, the Smart Hub tests fail with an error 202 during the ISP Blocking Test.

All of these issues goes away when I use my phone as a hotspot for the monitor, rather than connect to my ASUS router. Everything connects fine, so the issue is somewhere in my network or the device itself. I've found similar issues posted online but not real resolution.

Most info I'm finding seems to point to a general problem with Samsung devices and ASUS/Netgear routers. I thought maybe this was the issue where Samsung has used the name localhost for the device, confusing routers, but I set the device name in the monitor settings and assigned the monitor a static ip and host name in my LAN settings. That didn't change anything. I've posted on the AT&T and ASUS forums to see if they have any suggestions, after AT&T support sent me a new gateway that didn't solve the issue. From all reports on the AT&T side, there is no blocking happening by them.

I've tried all the basics: restarting devices, checking connections, trying different DNS settings, resetting the M8 to factory settings, etc. Nothing has resolved this issue.

I saw a reference to this being solved through a hidden firewall setting, but there wasn't any more info for me to try this. Any help would be hugely appreciated. The smart tv elements of this monitor were a big part of getting it and right now they don't exist. Very disappointing.

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I can definitely understand how frustrating this may be. I recommend reaching out to your ISP regarding this.