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Samsung Odyssey G70A Standby, Constantly Disconnects Itself

(Topic created: 02-18-2022 09:45 AM)
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I recently purchased the new Samsung 28" G70A UHD, 144Hz, HDMI 2.1 Odyssey Gaming Monitor for gaming on my PS5 and as an extended display for my work laptop. The monitor is fantastic, however, I am experiencing a very, very annoying issue with the standby/sleep mode on this monitor.

Whenever I lock my laptop which is connected via the Display Port, the monitor constantly disconnects and reconnects itself? I hear the disconnect and reconnect notification noise from my laptop. The monitor shows "No signal, your device is going into standby mode. Remaining time: 3 seconds." and then the screen goes blank, then the disconnect noise goes off. It then reconnects itself and shows the Display Port source at the top left corner of the screen and then it repeats this whole process CONSTANTLY until I either turn my laptop back on, turn the entire display off or unplug the display port cable. Its as if its stuck in a constant source detection loop or something? I have turned off all auto "off" timers, eco modes and the auto source detect options and the issue persists.

This is incredibly annoying. I have tested this with my personal laptop via HDMI and many different cables but the problem persists. If this issue cannot be fixed, its a return for sure as I am already extremely annoyed with this. Both my laptops are nothing fancy with standard intel graphics.

The monitor is running firmware version M-A7000GGZA-1006.0.

I have made a quick YouTube video for evidence.

Samsung Odyssey G70A Standby/Sleep Mode Issue - YouTube

Please can someone help!?

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** UPDATE **

I have managed to fix this issue by using an HDMI cable and with Adaptive/G-Sync turned off! As my laptop does not have a graphics card (other than onboard intel graphics), the monitor tries to search for a graphics card or drivers for Adaptive Sync to operate but there is nothing there for it. This kept my monitor in a constant connect and disconnect loop for some odd reason once it was locked.

The issue also still occurred when I used my Display Port cable which is odd. I am not concerned about what input I use, as long as I can work hassle free. 

My advise, use an high speed HDMI cable for your input and you should not have any issues.