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Green tint and horizontal lines? Galaxy S10

(Topic created: 10-30-2021 05:49 AM)
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Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask.

So my Galaxy S10's screen randomly started having an issue. There was no software update, it wasn't dropped, I was holding it in my hand when it closed from inactivity, but when I opened it back up it was like this.


Green tint with horizontal lines. The lines get darker if I have a darker object on my screen, like the keyboard. The screen is also fully responsive. I've had the phone in an OtterBox Defender and there are no cracks on the phone front, or back.

What do? Is the screen kill? I expect it's a hardware issue, but might as well check first.

- color correction isn't on

- eye comfort shield is off

- brightness effects the lines but the screen keeps its tint

- I've tried restarting a few times, including into safemode

- changed the screens resolution

- changed themes

- phone is up to date

- phone has plenty of space left

If there are any more details you need, go ahead and ask. I'll try my best to answer.

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That may require a visit to repair facility or to ship it back for inspection.

In the meantime, navigate to Members main screen and tap Get Help and submit an issue report.

One other thing you could do, if you haven't already

Press and hold Side key until you see Power Off - select it to power off the phone.

Now, off to the Maintenance (Recovery) screen:

Press and HOLD the Volume Up key, and while holding, press and HOLD the Side key.

When the Samsung splash screen appears, release both keys. Within a few seconds, you'll see the Maintenance screen, with a number of menu options.

Use the Volume Down key to highlight Wipe Cache Partition. Press Side key, select "Yes".

Now, Use Volume key to highlight "Repair Apps" (should be last menu option). Use Side key to select it.

The phone will automagically restart. Let the phone settle down for a couple of minutes.

... see if the issue is gone
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I tried going through maintenance mode, but it doesn't seem like it helped. It did however maintain the same green tint even while in maintenance mode so I can only assume it's a hardware issue now.

One side note for people viewing in the future, you have to hold the Bixby button as well as the volume up button before hitting the power on button, then release the power on button when the splash screen opens to get into maintenance mode.

Thanks for the help!

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Yea, if the screen is same in Maint/Recover screen, I'd fathom a guess it's hardware ...