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Frame TV: Issues with night mode and art mode auto brightness

(Topic created: 09-22-2023 08:10 AM)
QLED and The Frame TVs

I've been having two related issues:

1. Night mode: no problem turning off at night, but doesn't turn back on in the morning.

2. Art mode: does not brighten during the day.

My TV is in the living room that gets plenty of light but it's also in a bit of a recessed space on top of a black cabinet. There are no obstructions around the light sensor.

After some experimentation and playing around with it, I noticed during the day that if I shine a light directly at the light sensor, it will wake the TV into art mode. Likewise shining the light makes the art mode brighter. Removing the light you can see it dim again. 

So looks like the features technically work but unfortunately the light sensitivity isn't high enough. Since everyone will have their TV setup in different environments, some being brighter or darker, we need Samsung to provide an option to configure the light sensitivity in the same way that motion sensitivity can be configured. 

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QLED and The Frame TVs

I wish I would have read this forum prior to purchasing the 75" as I am experiencing the same problem with night mode/sleep mode/shadow on sensor and TV constantly turning off. I have 2 skylights and 5 extremely large windows in the room so the only time it is dark in the room is at night. Only way I can get out of night mode for 60 seconds is to shine a flashlight on the sensor at any point during the day. Has anyone had any luck solving  the issue other than turning night mode on/off everday? Would be nice to return the TV altogether as the only reason we got was for the art