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Low Wifi range

(Topic created: 01-11-2024 09:31 PM)

Just bought a galaxy book 3 pro 360 and I the wifi range doesnt reach my basement whereas my phone which is old reaches just fine. How can this be fixed?

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Black Hole
Signals on 2.4 GHz travel further than those over 5 GHz, and are less susceptibletointerference. Connect your laptop to the 2.4 channel on your network. However, the signal should reach the whole house. I will also suggest placing the router at the lower point in the house for better coverage.

I understand the frustration with the WiFi range issue on your new Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360. While connecting to the 2.4 GHz channel can indeed improve range, there are a few additional steps you can take for better results:

  1. Update WiFi Drivers: Ensure that your Galaxy Book's WiFi drivers are up to date. Sometimes, a simple driver update can improve connectivity.

  2. Check Router Placement: While placing the router at a lower point in the house might help, also make sure it is positioned centrally and elevated. Try to avoid obstructions like walls or large objects that might hinder the signal.

  3. Router Settings: Access your router settings and check if there are any options for signal strength or range adjustment. Some routers have settings that allow you to optimize the signal for better coverage.

  4. WiFi Range Extender: Consider investing in a WiFi range extender specifically designed to enhance the coverage in areas with weak signals. This device can be strategically placed to amplify the WiFi signal in your basement.

  5. Router Upgrade: If all else fails, it might be worth considering an upgrade to a more powerful router with better range and performance, especially if your current router is older.

Remember to consult your device and router manuals for specific instructions related to your Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 and router model. I hope these suggestions help improve your WiFi coverage in the basement!